Cuptail Parties

Cuptail Finery



Ladies … Valentine’s Day is an occasion to pull out the sexiest, most glamorous finery in your closet. You know that hip hugging little black dress is there, or if you’re not afraid of color, go ahead grab the sequin red dress. You want to look as sweet and inviting as your cupcakes.
Not a dress gal, okay grab some black satin or velvet pants and top with an attention grabbing blouse.
Pair your dress or pants with some pretty jewelry. Add diamonds, crystals or rhinestones around your neck, arms and ears. And make sure your jewels are sparkly and call attention to your best assets.
Wear a special light scent too—nothing too overpowering.

Men … Be dashing, yeah I said it! If she only sees you in blue jeans and that same favorite football shirt, ditch them on Valentine’s Day. Impress with really nice black pants and a designer shirt, hey pull out the Tom Ford suit if you have it.
Again, wear the scent you know captures her heart, but doesn’t over power the cupcakes!


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