Cuptail Parties

Welcome Cuptailers!

Welcome to the Cuptail Parties blog — monthly meanderings around those succulent little cakes that will light up every occasion. Whether it’s an engagement party, Super Bowl bash, Christmas celebration or just an ole-fashioned backyard barbecue… choose a cupcake flavor, build your menu, decorations and even libations and kick up your heels.

Everyone loves a party! But how many times have you hesitated about what to do to make your party special, to get people excited, and to have folks tweet about how much fun or how creative the soiree was? Well, now is your chance to embark on a new concept, brought to you by the creator of Soul Cups Cupcakes…Cuptail Parties!! Envision a party where your cupcake treats (or Soul Cups Cupcakes) are the belle of the ball.
Here at Cuptail Parties, you will receive ideas for decorating, how to get Cuptail conversations popping, what to wear or suggestions for what your guests should wear. Yes, this is a blog for people who LOVE cupcakes, LOVE entertaining and most importantly, LOVE life!

I hope you will join this journey with me of celebrating cupcakes and making them the center of your party festivities. I hope to hear from you too. Please share images or stories about your own Cuptail party frivolity!
Now enjoy, and remember the Soul Cups and Cuptail Parties motto:
“A cupcake a day keeps the sweet tooth away!”

~Your Favorite Cupcake, Celeste

2 Responses to “Welcome Cuptailers!”
  1. Erin says:

    Beautiful Celeste, happy cuptailing! I have forwarded to cupcakey friends as well! all the best, Congratulations on your lauch, Erin Ni Hiao!!

    • Celeste says:

      Thank you my dear! Yes please spread the word about my blog… a new post to come in March!! xoxo Celeste