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Have Your Cake and Eat it Gluten-Free Too!

Tropical Delight Cupcake

Friends laughed at me when I said I was going to eat gluten-free or follow a gluten free diet.  I’m a border-line celiac and trust me that’s not funny.

For years I suffered with bloating, headaches and other common symptoms of celiac disease.  (Celiac disease is an autoimmune illness of the small intestine.  It affects the digestive system when food containing gluten is ingested.  Gluten is found in foods like barley, rye and wheat.  For someone with celiac, the body’s immune response to gluten causes inflammation in the small intestine, damaging the lining.  This reduces the intestine’s ability to absorb dietary nutrients.)  So I cooked and baked for others — suffering silently when I couldn’t eat certain things — and I also started avoiding white flour, wheat and barley.

You may find it odd that I created and now run a successful cupcake business, but I don’t eat all my cupcakes…  instead I’ve created a line of gluten-free cupcakes made with ancient grains such as Sorghum, Chickpea and Teff that I do relish!

For several years I ate the first cardboard-tasting gluten products on the market.  However, today is a new day.  There are various great tasting, gluten-free products, recipes and resources available to us.  I love my nutritionist Dr. Ben Weitz and want to give him a shout out in this article.  He first introduced me to a variety of healthy, gluten free meals that started me on my fun journey of eating yummy and gourmet-style non-gluten foods that are quick and easy to make.  My new diet has helped me to become a successful baker who can support my cupcake clients with similar issues.  I want to point you in the direction of a few wonderful products and a website, and please try the Soul Cups line of gluten free cupcakes.  My favorite cupcake is called Tropical Delight — made with pineapple, ginger shavings and a hint of rum in the butter cream frosting. Can you say, “Yum?!”

Favorite gluten free options:

• Udie’s gluten free bagels (any Udie’s gluten free products; super fantastic and can be found online or at Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s and Vons on the West coast; Stop & Shop on the East coast)

• Trader Joe’s Multigrain slice bread and TJ’s gluten free rice and corn pastas; TJ’s gluten free waffles

• For unique gluten free recipes, check out the blog: Gluten Free Cooking School

• Soul Cups gluten free Lemon Drop, Muddy Water Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl and Tropical Delight Cupcakes!

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