Cuptail Parties

My March Shout Out!

So last month I gave a shout out to my nutritionist Dr. Ben Weitz, a wonderful doctor who has turned my life around with good nutritional habits.  I’ve decided to do a monthly “shout out” to a person, product or event I think you should know about…  something to inspire health, fun and of course the overall enjoyment of cupcakes!

This month my “shout out” goes to the Natural Products Expo West conference, held in Anaheim, CA.  I’ve attended this conference for two years now, and it has ultimately provided me with great information and tips to serve my Soul Cups customers better, not to mention feeding my need to know all things organic and healthy.  Three of my favorite workshops this year included, Food and Sample Safety Management, How to Personalize Your Brand on Social Media and Gluten-free Long-term Trend or Short-term Fad.

Just wanted to share that “Your Favorite Cupcake” is always searching for the best ways to serve you and find new and exciting ways to entertain! (Check out more Cuptail Parties Gluten free tips in that column.)


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