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In Your Easter Bonnet

Put on your Easter Bonnet and strut your stuff with all the flowers on it! It doesn’t matter where you go…off to Church or Synagogue…to Sunday brunch or just to a friend’s house. Put on your Easter bonnet and have some fun!

If there ever is a time to wear a hat it’s this holiday season. Heck, you may even like hats so much you’ll want to keep wearing  them. My favorite bonnets are those with big wide brims reminiscent of Greta Garbo or Betty Davis movies. Throw some netting or ribbons on that brim too. Pose for a photo with your best friend or pooch.

When I was a little girl the best part of Easter was perusing the hat section of Filenes department store in Boston with my Mom to pick out that perfect chapeau. Okay, those who know me know I am a “ham,” always have been!
So take a walk on the wild side and wear that Easter bonnet girls and yes, boys too!

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