Cuptail Parties

Here Comes the Bride…

Your big day is almost here and you’ve thought of hundreds of unique ideas to spice up your wedding. You’ve picked out your beautiful dress, you know what flowers you want and you’ve found the perfect location. But wait, you’re not a traditional Bride and you want something special that will stand out and create buzz at your reception. So why have a traditional wedding cake? Be creative and find someone, someone like Soul Cups Cupcakes to make you a Wedding Cupcake Tier! How fun to have your family and friends walk up and pick out they’re very own, individual cupcake. No more messy cake cutting and need for excess china plates and silverware at the reception. You can sit back, peel off the foil or paper wrappers and dig into succulent butter cream frosting and decadent cupcake flavors of your choice.

Wedding cupcake tiers can also highlight your wedding and reception color scheme and if you want to carry your flowers all the way through, you can have edible flowers placed on the cupcakes or have your cupcakery make special fondant flowers to decorate your tiny cakes. Some Brides have gone all out and made tiny cupcake tiers for each of their reception tables, using mini or what Soul Cups calls: Baby Dot cupcakes. And finally, if you want one signature cupcake tier, place it on a Lazy Susan turn-style, so your guests can pick out a variety of cupcakes from every position. Make your own Wedding Cupcake Tier or contact Soul Cups Cupcakes at (Please provide at least a month advance notice of your wedding cupcake tier date for successful customer service and satisfaction.)

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