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Feed Your Soul with Soul Cups

When I was a little girl, around ten years-old to be exact, I looked forward to cooking with my Dad. As I stood beside him, sometimes on a footstool to reach the kitchen counter, I felt special, grown up. My Dad was super cool because he was an “expert” a real chef and I admired him.

So my Dad and I would experiment in the kitchen, making quite a mess, but we always created something warm and mouth-watering delicious! Often it was simple dishes like blueberry pancakes or hot-buttered, spoon biscuits. On other occasions we made more elaborate plates such as eggplant parmesan or fall off the bone stewed turkey legs. Whatever the dish we designed, it was made with much love. The food was made to “Feed the Soul”.

That’s the Soul Cups goal, to feed the soul with each crumbling bite you take! We want you to remember those days of Mom’s home-cooked meals, the smells of Grandmother’s kitchen or maybe the wafting aromas of the neighborhood bakery you passed on your way to school.

We want Soul Cups to bring you back to a time when life was easy, simple, and in that child-like world  you had fun, no cares to distract or stress you. Feed that ingénue soul with Soul Cups!

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